About us

We are here to serve small/mid-size businesses

Although we can help anyone who needs websites, e-newsletters or marketing materials, we are best at serving small-to-medium-size businesses who wish to enter the Japanese market or the Japanese businesses wishing to enter U.S. market. We believe in niche marketing, and by focusing on this group, we believe we can understand your needs better.


3 steps of how we design communication products

At RK Communications Network, we tackle each project from the following three perspectives:

Step 1 - Design


Aesthetics is important, because many of us tend to quickly judge a book by its cover. Good design attracts your potential audience’s attention, without which they might not even read your website, regardless of the quality of the information you are presenting. We have Japanese designers who can design websites or graphics with a valuable understanding of cultural differences.

Step 1 - Content


Without compelling content or easy-to-follow flow of information, your intended audience won’t feel connected with your company, and will be less likely to click for further information. What is worse, the real value you or your business can offer won’t be conveyed correctly. Having substantial content also helps potential customers to find you via search engines. We have professional writers who have extensive experience in journalism and marketing writing.

Step 3 - Feasibility


Since website development is not a one-time shot – in other words, a successful website should be constantly evolving with content and system updates — you should not ignore factors such as how easy it is to maintain or update your website, how secure it is, and how seamlessly it integrates with other systems (newsletter application, shopping cart, accounting software, etc.)

We have a "network" that helps your business

Web design and social media company based in Torrance, CA

Sometimes working only with a web designer or a web developer could have costly consequences. While creating websites, you might need to consider government regulations or laws, accounting set-up or merchant account set-up. Or you might simply be unable to come up with good online strategy for your individual business, and therefore unsure how to present yourself in marketing materials. Taking those factors in consideration can save you a lot of time and money.

Don’t worry. We have a network of professionals to whom we can refer you right away, such as a business / immigration lawyer, business consultant, accountant, bank, etc., all of whom are bilingual (Japanese and English) and who understand the norms and cultures in both Japan and the United States.


We have a pool of freelance designers, writers, programmers and social media marketers, from which we create a unique team for an individual project. Most of them are bilingual in Japanese and English.

Rika Kanaoka, CEO

– Waseda University; Bachelor of Journalism, Missouri School of Journalism
– CNN Japan Interactive intern
– Information graphics journalist for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
– Technical translator for well-known Japanese automotive industry, American software company, patent firm

Mimi Scalise, CTO

– Windows Software developer & support engineer
– Web Hosting & Web customization
– WordPress & Plugins modification
– Payment Gateway setup

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