RK communications network (assertiveness online training)

RK communications network (assertiveness online training)

Client name:
 RK Communications Network

URL: https://www.rkcoms.net

Our scope of services: Redesign, content organization, social media marketing, blog marketing, YouTube, newsletter, multilingual (Japanese / English), SEO (search engine optimization), online course creation

Purpose of the website: To provide tips and lessons on assertiveness for Japanese professionals in Japan and overseas; to sell assertiveness training, English resume writing services and other related courses without advertisement

RK Communications network

This is a website for our other English-language communications business. We set up a logical flow and provide online training courses for people, especially for Japanese residents in the United States who are interested in an important communications skill, which is assertiveness training. This training can help our clients get their message across more effectively, speak their minds, develop more openness to communicating, reduce stress or anxiety when communicating with others, improve self-esteem and become better in interactions with others.

We provide high-quality,  well-researched and easy-to-read assertiveness tips and techniques for expressing your thoughts, standing up for what you believe in and all the important things to remember for an effective communication process.

This site had thousands of views a day with newsletter subscribers on a daily basis without relying on paid ads.

We provide high-quality, well researched and easy-to-read assertive tips and techniques in expressing your thoughts, stand up for what you believe in and all the important things to remember for the effective communication process.