Your Step-By-Step Guide In Starting Your Brand’s Digital Marketing

Your Step-By-Step Guide In Starting Your Brand’s Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when customers roam around the malls to buy stuff. Internet has made it possible for everyone to buy from wherever they are. Now the biggest challenge for brands and businesses like yours is how to make your customers see you online.

Your online customers are out there, searching services, consuming content and purchasing products with just a click on their mobile devices. If you want to be seen, you can have an equal chance with that of every other brand or business in the digital world.
The catch is, you should know how to play the game of Digital Marketing.

What exactly is Digital Marketing?

It may sound fancy or maybe even intimidating to some, but the success of your online business relies solely on how you market it online. Why? Because online interaction with your audience and your potential and existing customers can make or break your brand.

Let’s make it simple– Digital Marketing is selling your products, goods, and services online by using online marketing techniques. These techniques are products of successful marketing business models, online algorithm know-hows, great content, and a whole lot of data research.

You can have a great looking website, or be present on every social media platform, but honestly, it takes a lot more than that.

In learning Digital Marketing, you’ll become acquainted with all sorts of techniques, but keep an eye on these basic online marketing techniques, categorized as:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Search Engine Marketing
  4. Content Marketing 
  5. Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Affiliate Marketing

How do I start Digital Marketing?

First rule of thumb– don’t overthink it. Digital Marketing may look a little intimidating at first, but once you learn how your brand can work with it, you’ll realize it’s not that scary after all.

Not all successful brands and businesses started with knowing all these Digital Marketing techniques. In fact, you can start with only one or two of these, before venturing out and learning the others.

The most important thing, however, is starting from within. Have a good grasp of your what your brand’s goals are, and begin from there. This will benefit your overall techniques and tactics in Digital Marketing. Knowing what your marketing goals are points you to the right direction to marketing your brand effectively. 

Identify your brand’s positioning

Digital Marketing is still rooted in traditional marketing. If you don’t know how to position your brand or business properly, you’ll be wasting a lot of time, effort and budget doing Digital Marketing that tends to leave your customers confused.

To establish your brand positioning, begin identifying these 4 important P’s of Marketing:

  • Product

This speaks to any goods or service you’re selling. Whether you offer tangible retail products, or an intangible digital service, such as coaching or teaching courses online, you have to identify what makes your products different. This will help you market your product better, and know which type of Digital Marketing technique you can begin with.

  • Price

Making sound decisions on your pricing affects your business’ success greatly. This impacts your profit margins, supply and demand and eventually your overall digital marketing strategy.

The price will also tell what type of customers you’ll be getting. In marketing, customers are classified into segments. There are three known categories in customer segmentation:

Customer A
This group of customers or clients represents the smallest percentage (15%) but makes up the largest percent of your sales (65%). These customers don’t care about the price of your product, but rather the quality they are getting from it. They spend $100,000 yearly on quality goods and services that make their life better.

If you’re a brand that sells luxuries (cars, properties, jewelry, luxury services), this customer type is ideal for your business.

Customer B
The B Category or the mid-income segment comprises of the smart spenders. They usually spend $20,000 – $100,000 depending on their needs. These types have the money to buy goods and services but tend to be really be smart about where to spend it.

They’re usually 20% of your potential customers, and make up about 20% of your sales.

Customer C
Type C customers are usually the ones who always contact you, inquire a lot about your products, talk to you constantly, but find it hard to commit on a sale. They may either be too picky, or they’ve been saving their budget for a product or service that they’re very sure about.

They are very choosy spenders, with only about $1,000 – $ 20,000 spent per annum.

Although they comprise a big chunk of your list of clients (about 65%) these customers generate sales, but only comprise 15% of your overall sales.

This customer segmentation allows marketing professionals to identify what types of customers can buy their product, and then work their marketing strategy with this in mind.

  • Promotion

Here’s where Digital Marketing comes into play. With your product identified and price properly positioned, now you have to work on getting your brand out there. 

The good news is, advertising has been made affordable nowadays. Brands and businesses can get the most out of their advertising budget and utilize it better. Online advertising can be recorded and analyzed, giving every business a chance to evaluate the effectivity of their promotions.

  • Place

Traditionally speaking, the right product at the right place turns into success. But the online world has challenged this marketing model. Now, you can be from anywhere, or even nowhere, and still be getting the best sales.

For every business nowadays, it’s best to regard your place as ‘Digital’— where everyone is at. This place gets you somewhere better, helps you find your customers, and be at the right place at the right time, with just a couple of techniques involved.

Be digitally present

Everyone hardly knows everything from the beginning, but it’s important to just start anyway. 

Don’t have any idea how to run social media ads? Just start registering your business on Facebook. Don’t know how to make your content viral? Keep writing blog articles or shooting videos for your Youtube channel. It’s all about getting accustomed to the space, and learning what else can you do better every time you’re at it.

You can also get someone to help you out on this. With big responsibilities in running your business, learning digital marketing can be too much of a task. We at RK Communications can provide you with business solutions that work and market your business online effectively.


Encourage customer reviews

The holy grail of marketing is word-of-mouth. The more people talk about how good your brand and business is, the easier it is for other people to trust you.

A digital presence makes it easy for customer reviews to be seen. Just be careful because this works as a double-edged sword. Negative customer reviews can also pose a big threat to your business. Nonetheless, being polite, apologetic and genuine by answering their complaints in a helpful manner will often bring back the respect of dissatisfied customers.


Seek help from experts


If there are bigger things on your plate, it doesn’t hurt to ask the experts in Digital Marketing at RK Communications. Establishing your business, taking care of everything from scratch, managing your people and every other aspect your business can be enough already. It’s okay to ask for someone’s help.

Let us at RK Communications make it easier for you. Our Digital Marketing strategies have helped a lot of businesses grow online. We’ve established our expertise in the field of Online Marketing, Graphic Design, Writing and Translation and Consulting. We’ll help you find ways to win this Digital Marketing game.

Let’s get to business already and contact us today!

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